Meet the letter of the law with proper classifications.

The costs of erroneous classification can be staggering; optimal classification for your goods will save you money and provide peace of mind.

Get the right codes that could help your company save millions of dollars by avoiding overpayments and penalties. Simply put, we know the ins and outs of classification services.

Export Control Classification

Avoid fines and other legal ramifications with a proper review of export prohibitions.

Harmonized Tariff Classification

Ensure proper classification and payment of duty for avoidance of penalties, faster clearance of goods, and compliance with regulations.

Database Management

Get it classified, then get it documented; we can help keep you organized for maximum efficiency.

Broker Exception Management

Customs brokers turn to us when they need help making the right call.

Classification basis: Are you optimizing your process?

Optimal classification can open the doors to free trade agreement eligibility and other preferential tariff trade programs; however, repeated misclassification is a red flag for unwanted attention from customs. Getting it right is critical; this white paper will walk you through the basics of classification.

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