Duty drawback that adds up to significant savings

In world trade, capturing every bit of available and appropriate drawback is essential.

Tradewin specializes in evaluating importing, manufacturing, and exporting programs to identify and quantify potential opportunities for drawback and minimization.

Duty Drawback and Duty Recovery

Get the maximum refund on customs duties and fees in Canada, the US, and Australia.

Customs Petitions or Protests

Expertise to ensure you always put your best foot forward when challenging a customs decision

Local Duty Mitigation Programs

In-country expertise to help navigate the most intricate situations

Inward Processing Relief

We can help determine if duty relief is available for imported goods being processed for subsequent reexport.

What is First Sale?

First Sale for Export valuation establishes the dutiable value of the merchandise based on the ‘First Sale’ between the Manufacturer and the Middleman, which excludes the Middleman’s markup thereby lowering the duties payable and resulting in what could be significant savings. See if you qualify. 

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